The HUMANITEA® Co. story began in the summer of 2012 when Tracy McQuaid and Andrew & Michael Estrada connected and jointly founded HUMANITEA® Co. All three founders believe that humanity's greatest attribute is its power of unity and compassion, which is why HUMANITEA® Co. is committed to supporting both nonprofit and community events that help to uplift and bring humanity together. The HUMANITEA Co. is a socially conscious company committed to operating in a totally refreshing way.

    Tracy McQuaid

    Michael Estrada

    Andrew Estrada

  • TEA

    HumaniTEA Black Tea + Mango & Melon

    Black tea falls hard for mango & melon.

    Beat the heat with our delicious take on black tea. Only the best black tea leaves are brewed with a balanced splash of mango-melon goodness. Take a sip of your personal paradise and quench your thirst with this unique full-flavored delight.

    HumaniTEA Green Tea +
    Wild Berry & Lime

    A refreshing sensation of cool sweetness


    Quench your thirst with our radical green tea infusion brewed to perfection from tea leaves picked in their prime and paired with the wild side of berry and a tinge of lime, it's sure to deliver a sweet game of taste tag!



    HumaniTEA Lemonade + Coconut

    When life gives you lemons make it coco-nuts!

    Take a ride on the wild side with our one-of-a-kind coconut lemonade. Your lips will thank you once you've reached for our 100% natural lemonade with a coconut pop. Shoot the breeze with a tarty & tangy drink kissed with coconut bliss. When life gives you lemons make it coco-nuts!

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